Our Search Process

We use a proven search process that has been employed to fill over several hundred search assignments over the past 20+ years.

Core Search Steps

While each search assignment is unique and requires some customizations, they almost always include the following core search steps (macro level descriptors):


Intake meeting


Confirmation and Alignment


Communication plan
(real-time and scheduled meetings)


Strategy, Research and Sourcing (who, why and how)


(recruiting and networking)


Presentation of Qualified Candidates (real-time)


Candidate Interviews
(initial, follow-up & final rounds)


Offer Negotiations
and Acceptance


Resignation, Counteroffers
and Competing Offers


Onboarding (acclimation and retention strategy plans and actions)


Our experience includes having executed our Search Process where it has helped some companies to fill their search assignments in as little 3 to 4 weeks, and others with an extensive and prolonged interview, selection, and assessment process in 8 to 12+ weeks. Typically, searches are completed within 4 to 8 weeks after the intake meeting (i.e., a candidate has accepted an offer made within 4 to 8 weeks after the intake meeting),

Every search assignment has its own unique set of internal and external marketplace challenges that impact the competitiveness and timeliness of its completion: singularly or a combination of the title, level, reporting structure, governance, expectations, day-to-day accountabilities/content, location, work arrangement, pipeline, the depth and quality of the science, company and senior management track record and reputation, company culture and work environment, compensation package, funding etc. have an impact on the search assignment’s attractiveness and competitiveness in the marketplace.

We work very closely and collaboratively with our clients throughout the entire search process: from the search kickoff through to the hired candidate’s start date, where we provide them with our professional advice and suggestions, and timely marketplace feedback (the good, and at times the not-so-good) in a consultative manner to help them decide how best to “stay the course” with their initial candidate criteria and opportunity offerings and selection process, or recalibrate some or all of the same to be more competitive for the highly sought-after talent they seek to hire in the marketplace in a timely manner.

Miras SP Timeline

Search Experience & Results

Our 20+ years of specialized experience includes completing numerous Retained Search Assignments for small, midsized and large Pharma & Biotech companies.

Track Record

of retained search assignments over the past 10+ years were successfully completed with an external hire


of retained search assignments filled over the past 10+ years were filled with external hires from underrepresented groups