Why Partner With Us

Results & Confidence

Our proven track record with > 100+ searches filled over the past 10+ years at the CxO, E/S/VP & D/SD/D/AD levels


Our combination of 20+ years of specialized Pharma & Biotech Search and Recruiting experience along with our 40 years of overall search and recruiting expertise: we know how to effectively recruit and network to access, attract and engage with highly sought-after and difficult-to-hire talent.


Our 20+ years of specialized Pharma & Biotech Search and Recruiting experience: we know what companies and talent to target to expedite the search process


Our extensive proprietary network of hiring contacts and talent provides us (and our clients) access to highly sought-after candidates for both recruiting and networking efforts to help fill searches in a more expeditious manner

Minimal Hands-off

As a highly specialized boutique firm, we have minimal hands-off restrictions, which provides us (and our clients) with a larger pool of talent to target for recruiting purposes

Engaged Partners

Our Partners are intimately involved from A to Z alongside our team, i.e., from candidate sourcing, outreach, qualifying and interview preparation & debriefing, to handling candidate concerns/objections, offer negotiations, securing acceptances, handing competing offers, resignations, counteroffers and more

Consultative Approach

Our attitude and approach towards dealing with all people, i.e., hiring contacts and talent/candidates, is to first seek to understand (i.e., question, listen, learn and confirm) before offering advice, suggestions and recommendations.

Solutions Not Excuses

We believe in seeking and showing up with solutions not excuses for what we all already know about difficult and hard-to-fill positions/assignments in today’s competitive marketplace for highly sought-after talent.


Our experience has taught us that some search assignments require a lot of effort for a prolonged period of time to see the searches through to a successful outcome. And because of the eventual repeated success we’ve had with our enduring efforts with numerous challenging searches, we possess the right attitude and mindset to get these searches over the finish line.

Accountable & Accessible

We are always easily and readily accessible